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From daily lesson plans to broader training for new hires and swim instructors, Swimming Ideas provides excellent training and community opportunities for people working in aquatics looking to make their swimming instruction better. 

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We want to make your life easier and better with tools and resources to reduce prep time, ensure quality training, and teach better swimming.

We constantly update our material with ongoing evaluations, assessments, and lesson-tested adjustments. 

Learn from our mistakes, capitalize on our failures, and take the best elements from our programming to use in your own lessons or instruction. 

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Thank you to the assistant coaches, swim instructors, and participants over the last 30 years that have contributed to our growth and development. This is has been a labor of love and sharing intended to make the arcane nuance of swimming easier for all to access and do well. 

We want to be the beacon of light that empowers our youth to grow into productive excellent citizens.